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Atlanta, GA 30339

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    About us

    YAH puts you into everything we do.

    Why? Because you matter. Your why. Your passions and POV. Your potential and wild curiosity. Your love of life. And yeah, even your love of boosting the bottom line. You Are Here creates experiences for all of you—for clients, for consumers, and for all the people at our agency who make it happen.

    our story

    Emerging as an independent agency from Cooper Holdings in 2018, we created You Are Here with a focus on connecting people and brands through meaningful experiences. As our name says, we’re all about immersing you right here in the moment—creating, activating, and innovating better ways for passions and brands to share a story.

    Talent spotlight

    YAH is built on the collective imagination, spirit, and smarts of unique individuals, whose colorful life experiences help shape everything we do.


    Account Coordinator | 1 year at YAH

    What do you bring to the team?

    A dedicated and hardworking YAH employee by day and a DJing shinobi by night.


    Marietta, GA


    SVP, Client Leadership | 13 years at YAH

    What do you bring to the team?

    A 13-year marriage to YAH and a slightly shorter marriage to a co-worker I picked up along the way.


    Marietta, GA


    Sr. Coordinator, Experiential | 1 year at YAH

    What do you bring to the team?

    A fitness enthusiast who has a passion for event operations and the great outdoors!


    Powder Springs, GA

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